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Cultural stereotypes gone wild

As a resident of Washington, DC, I have to say it’s uncanny how this radio ad for Republican Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson captures the way folks talk and think in this city. Especially the fluty, quasi-upper class English accent that everyone has here. It’s incredible.

It’s as if the ad’s producers were flies on the wall at one of the nightly cocktail parties I attend.

Anyway, here’s one for the stereotypers. It’s Army specialist and combat veteran Kristin Day singing “God Bless America” to an appreciative crowd at a World Series game in the one city that takes even more abuse from “patriotic” liberal bashers than DC– San Francisco.

San Francisco beat Texas 9-0.

Update: I’m not sure on which side of the cultural divide we fall. On the one hand our righwing critics routinely accuse us of being PC-obsessed liberal elitists. On the other hand a commenter at the MPACUK blog recently told another (deleted) commenter to “[g]o to Harry’s Place, you will be more accustomed to their hill billy language.”