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Not In Our Name – Jews Against The EDL

This is a guest post by Carly McKenzie, Campaigns Officer, Union of Jewish Students

The Jewish community has always been at the forefront of anti-fascism. From Cable Street to defeating the BNP at the ballot box, we have been unafraid to speak out against those who seek to spread fear and hatred in our communities.

Now our community faces a new threat. The English Defence League claim to be our allies in the fight against extremism. In reality, they are violent racists with BNP members and Nazi sympathisers amongst their ranks. Despite setting up a ‘Jewish Division’ and waving Israeli flags at demonstrations, their support is nothing more than a figleaf for their racist agenda.

It is time for the Jewish community to speak out once again. Today the Union of Jewish Students has launched the ‘Not In Our Name’ campaign, which we hope will bring together the Jewish community to expose the EDL as the racist thugs they are.

The Union of Jewish Students has consistently opposed extremism of all kinds, and stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and others who have been targeted by the EDL. and on Facebook