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Disrupter warns against disruption

As Hugo Chavez completes yet another fraternal visit with Ahmadinejad in Iran and moves on to yet another fraternal visit with Assad in Syria, yet another collaboration is scheduled in London between Khomeinists, “Palestine Solidarity” types and officials of the Bolivarian Republic.

Entitled “The Outbreak of the Intifada: Turning Back the Empire,” the event– scheduled for November 6 at the Venezuelan embassy– celebrates the tenth anniversary of Arafat-approved outbreak of violence which for years eliminated any possibility of a negotiated settlement leading to a Palestinian state.

The panel of speakers is:

*Leila Khaled [retired plane hijacker] (20min video talk exclusive and specific to this event)

*Statement of support from Venezuelan Ambassador – Samuel Moncada

*George Galloway

*Massoud Shedrajeh (Islamic Human Rights Commission)

*chair – Sukant Chandan

You may remember Massoud Shedrajeh from this video. Asked about the brutal government repression against the opposition in Iran, he replies with a smirk, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The announcement of the event warns: “The organisers reserve the right to eject anyone causing distress or disruption to the event. There will be friendly but firm security at the event.”

Which is a bit ironic, considering that the chair of the event, Sukant Chandan, was among those who caused distress and disruption at a Gil Scott-Heron concert last April.