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Menzies Campbell on Spending Review

This is a cross-post from A Rabbit’s Eye-View on the Hyperborean North.

… as this post goes live, the Shadow Chancellor Chancellor will be announcing his new script for a Fiscal Wonder.

Menzies Campbell just has appeared on BBC News to justify the wording. His view, and this may not be a verbatim quotation, is that “it would be irresponsible to leave for future generations the responsibility of sorting out the debts caused by the current generation”.

Lettuce sea. Even if it is the case that the effects felt in Britain of the international credit crisis can be laid, in its entirety, at the feet of the previous Government; the current generation, in its entirety, has not been party to Government economic decisions.

Even if the current generation should take the good and bad (or, more accurately, both) effects of the current Government’s economic decisions (as they will and should); I doubt Campbell, as an individual, will endure any of the negative effects.

On rhetoric, at least, fail.

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