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BNP Mired in Marmite

Marketing Week brings us the exciting news!

The far-right British National Party is reportedly facing financial ruin after agreeing to pay up to £170,000 in compensation after infringing Marmite’s copyright.

Unilever launched Hight Court proceedings after the BNP launched an election broadcast that ripped off the Marmite brand’s ‘Love it or hate it’ strapline.

Insiders report the BNP have agreed to pay Unilever between £70,000 and £170,000 after settling out of court. Unilever confirms a settlement has been agreed but will not reveal the terms of the confidential agreement. It is believed the large settlement could spell financial ruin for the controversial party after former national organiser Eddy Butler revealed the BNP is “on the brink of bankruptcy”.

Personally, I hate Marmite.

Hat tip: Alex Higgins