Anti Fascism

Greens and Nazis

The Greens have had their trouble with Nazis before. Not to mention antisemitism.

So, this doesn’t surprise me at all.

Here’s Pipa Bartolotti, a former Green Party PPC. She is presently taking part in the Hamas support operation, Viva Palestina.

In this photograph, you can see that she is waving the flag of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. Its symbol is reminiscent of the Nazi Swastika – deliberately so. There’s also the give-away inversion: “Social Nationalist” rather than “National Socialist”. D’ya see?

Here’s a little background on the SSNP. Here’s some more.

I suppose it is possible that Pippa Bartolotti knows nothing of the nature of the party whose flag she is waving. Here she is, talking to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s propaganda station, Press TV:

“It’s only the people that are going to make a difference because the governments are pathetically weak. They’re in the pockets of Big Money and Big Money supports Israel”.

What do you reckon?