Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky: Lies, Lies Lies

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the head of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria appeared this week at the Islamic Centre of England in Maida Vale – a propaganda centre of the Iranian regime – as a guest of the so-called Islamic Human Rights Commission.

The following statement has been posted on his website:

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is in London to attend a meeting/conference jointly organized by Universal Justice Network (UJN) and the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC). The event was held at the Islamic Centre of England in northwest London, and discussed the major challenges to the revitalization of faith and practice in the modern world with internationally renowned scholars and academics.

The Jerusalem Post of 6th October, 2010 reported the event with title “Anti-Semetic preacher to address London conference”. The report while referring to a one day symposium organized by the Resource Forum of the Islamic movement in Nigeria on the Illegal state of Israel at 60 held in May, 2008, evidently fabricated lies against the personality of the revered Islamic scholar. The report alleged that at the symposium, Sheikh Zakzaky referred to the Jews as “the lowest creatures on earth” and “the children of monkeys and pigs” among many of the wrongly reported aspects of the symposium. The Israeli ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Ram wrote an article as a rejoinder to the symposium titled: “Israel at 60: A cause for celebration” in the Daily trust of July, 4, 2008. In his write up apart from insulting the personality of Sheikh Zakzaky, the ambassador tried to justify their illegal occupation of the Palestinians and claimed that they are highly advanced in Agriculture and Technology and talked much on their test of Pfizer drug. At no point had he attributed calling the Jews “the lowest creatures on earth” and “the children of monkeys and pigs” to the Sheikh, which he would have done if the sheikh has made such statements. The proceedings of the one day symposium have been widely reported by print and electronic media and are fully documented in video and audio tapes. It is therefore surprising for the Jerusalem Post to come up with these just this minute fabricated lies.

What are the Zionists trying to achieve by this malevolent acts? Are they trying to frame up some plots or cook up ‘evidence’ against Sheikh Zakzaky? Why did the Jerusalem Post suddenly changed the contents of their write up on the IHRC conference in under 24 hours and also changed the caption to: “Islamic movement preacher to address London conference”? We certainly believe it is not just reporting news; rather they are hatching up a nefarious agenda. It will be recalled that last year September, shortly after the Israeli foreign minister Mr. Avigdor Lieberman was in Nigeria, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria discovered a plot to kill Sheikh Zakzaky by bombing his residence. We will continue to monitor your moves.

The Zionist lobby is at work to stop the British government from allowing whom they refer to as “hatred preachers” from entering the country. We believe, the British government will in its usual manner be objective and allow the freedom of religion and expression to prevail.


He’s lying.

This is from the movement’s website, and is entitled “Highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky’s speech”:

In the same spirit, the leader of the Islamic Movement added that , today is another day of expressing our solidarity with Palestinians who are being kiiled in Gaza by the outcast Jews. The jews, the lowest of creatures on earth

And here’s the other quote, also entitled “Highlight of Sheikh Zakzaky’s speech”:

Most unfortunate thing is the recognition of Israel as a country, which Nigeria is among those countries that recognizes it, let them know that recognizing the children of monkeys of pigs is not in our names, Sheikh Zakzaky elaborated.

What is particularly funny about this, is that they haven’t even bothered to hide the evidence. It is on the same website that contains the angry denial.

Tellingly, although the new article has been titled:

“What are the Zionists up to on Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzay”

its URL gives away its original title, that they’ve forgotten to change:

Jewish conspiracy against Sheikh…”

Ah well, they’re learning. But very slowly.