Richard Falk, Alan Hart & the Far Right blog promoting Holocaust Deniers

This is a guest post by Joseph Weissman

The Intifada Palestine website is a site run by Elias Harb. Harb’s exclusive interview with the Christian antizionist Greek Orthodox priest Atallah Hanna has done the rounds on many mainstream anti-Zionist websites.

Harb’s website boasts many guest contributors.

Here’s an exclusive interview with UN ambassador Richard Falk.

Here’s a piece by Alan Hart, one of the main authors of the website.

Falk and Hart seem happy to feature on Intifada Palestine.

Now let’s look at the other main authors of the site.

We have: Stuart Littlewood, who elsewhere praises the Crusaders as “Christian men of action” and calls for a new crusade in the Holy Land, writing:

Back in the days of the Crusades the Archbishops of Canterbury included Christian men of action like Baldwin and Hubert Walter, who donned armour and took up their sword to fight the good fight (as they saw it) for their belief in the Holy City and what it stood for. Times are different now, but unless the Western Church shows firmer leadership and more grit it will lose the Holy Land and more of its followers will renounce their baptism.

Yet more disconcertingly, we have Hesham Tillawi, who once wrote this letter to former KKK leader David Duke in which we read:

I am honored to be a friend of yours and I do consider you a good friend and I am a supporter of your cause. I would rather live in a white America than a Zionist America. Please tell your listeners to rest assured that Hesham Tillawi is a friend of all peoples who desire to preserve their heritage and their freedom […] David, due to the Zionist media, is having a hard time getting away from this label that the Zionists charged him with in order to destroy him and destroy his political ambitions.

Here is Tillawi uncritically interviewing David Duke about the Holocaust-denial conference in Iran:


Another main contributor to the website is Christian antizionist Bishop Donald R Corder.

Corder has previously written on Intifada Palestine about supposed Jewish discrimination against Gentiles:

Let the cry of Anti-Gentile(ism) resound when they attempt to silence the truth tellers. Let us cry ‘Anti-Gentile(ism)!’ when the Zionist Ruling Classes seek to undermine our institutions and rights to self-determination. Let us cry ‘Anti-Gentile(ism)!’ as they murder our babies and send our love ones to the fridge using US taxpayer dollars. Let us cry ‘Anti-Gentile(ism)!’ as the Zionist Ruling Class alliances siphon away our national resources and we seek through the vestibules of the US Federal, International Courts and sovereign national forums to liquidate the wealth and shake off the strangleholds of these terrorists and Enemies to the Gentile States.

Elsewhere on the Intifada Palestine site, we can read this glowing piece about Holocaust denier Frederick Tobin. The introduction states:

Dr. Fredrick Toben is a German author and founder and former director of the Adelaide Institute. He has written numerous books on education, political science and history and is best known as a historical revisionist who has extensively argued the veracity of Holocaust accounts by the Jewish historians. Due to his holocaust denial, he has been imprisoned three times in Germany, United Kingdom and Australia.

This is an in-depth interview with Dr. Toben in which we’ve discussed his viewpoints regarding holocaust, the unconditional supports of the United States for Israel, the plight of Palestinian nation under the Israeli occupation and the fate of Middle East peace process.

Tobin states in the interview:

I follow Professors Arthur Butz and Robert Faurisson in their deliberations on this topic, and both conclude that the premise, pillars on which the ‘Holocaust’ narrative rests, 6 million Jews killed, systematic state extermination policy, murder weapon a gas chamber, cannot be sustained as being the truth of the matter. As Butz says, it is rubbish to hold such a view, and Faurisson calls it a lie. It is not for Revisionists to prove their assertions but for those who believe in the ‘Holocaust’ to prove their case, which to date has not been done. Faurisson’s challenge: ‘Show me or draw me the homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz’ has not been taken up by anyone. What does happen is legal persecution that leads to personal and financial ruin and imprisonment. That speaks for itself, and then there is the defamation of those who refuse to believe in the ‘Holocaust’ with the following shut-up words, hater, Holocaust denier, antisemitic, racist, Nazi, and even terrorist.

It is thanks to the courageous Iranian President, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who informed the world that the ‘Holocaust’ is being misused by those who oppress the Palestinian people. This linkage is fundamental in solving the crisis facing the Middle East, and only after its resolution will the area come to rest. The focus on Iran as a rogue nuclear state is a mere pretext used by the Anglo-American-Zionist powers to retain the myth of the Zionist entity called Israel.


The fact that serious Holocaust questioners are routinely legally silenced speaks for itself. Only in the USA with its First Amendment is there still absolute freedom to discuss this topic. But even now there are moves afoot to eliminate the First Amendment, and the recent appointment of Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court may cause this to happen.

In my book Arbeit Macht Frei: Impertinent Incarceration, I make reference to a television program, ABC Good Morning America, 18 February 2009, where a Herman Rosenblat admits he has not been telling the truth about his concentration camp experience, but for him this made-up story was truthful because he imagined it to be true! Such nonsense is well documented as typical ‘Holocaust’ material.

The above individuals would have great problems in a court of law where truth-telling is still demanded. For example, in the 1988 Zündel Toronto court case Professor Rauol Hilberg, the author of the definitive 1985 book: The Destruction of the European Jews, stated that the mentioned two written Hitler orders did not exist. We are thus led to believe that Germans began the extermination process without a plan, without an order, without anything except an intuitive feel of what Adolf Hitler wanted them to do. Such premise is a nonsense because anyone who knows how societies work and how bureaucracies don’t move unless there is a written order.

Tellingly, no criticism of Tobin is offered.

This shouldn’t surprise us.

The article was written by Kourosh Ziabari, who has also written an article entitled “Ernst Zundel Speaks Out“. Zundel is a jailed Holocaust denier, although Ziabari also considers him a “political prisoner”.

Like Hesham Tillawi, Stuart Littlewood and Donald Corder, Kourosh Ziabari is listed as a main contributor to Intifada Palestine.

This of course begs the question: why are supposedly more mainstream political commentators like Richard Falk and Alan Hart helping out with this Far Right website?


amie adds:

To call Richard Falk a political commentator is to completely underplay his malign significance in his highly authoritative and thoroughly mainstream role as UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories.
It is his findings regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza which form the cornerstone of the conclusion by the judge on the UNHRC Flotilla Report that the blockade is illegal. In fact, reading the interview with Falk in the link to this website above, I see that the Report has adopted Falk’s legal arguments lock stock and barrel.
What is even more scandalous, given his official role which is supposed to be purely humanitarian reportage, is this interview reveals his real agenda:
EH: Do you believe in a global civil society campaign to de-legitimize Israel?
RF: Yes, I think the global shock resulting from the May 31st attacks have strengthened the campaign to de-legitimize Israel.

Harry’s Place adds: Falk will be a guest of Daud Abdullah’s Middle East Monitor and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign this December at an event at the University of London.