Kay Burley Thinks That Stafford Cripps Was A Regiment

Oh dear. Oh dearie me.

This is Kay Burley, interviewing 97 year old activist Harry Beckough, a Tory activist who was praised by David Cameron in his speech yesterday.

It doesn’t go well:

KB: OK just to tell you about the deficit and all that sort of stuff in a second, we’re trying to sort out a couple of chairs…
HB: Wait a minute, who are you?
KB: Harry you’re live on the tele. You didn’t used to have 24 hour news when you first started in politics did you?
HB: No.
KB: Now you were mentioned weren’t you. Can I just remind our viewers first of all what was said about you then we’ll have a quick chat. This is Harry Beckough and we heard from the Prime Minister…
HB: Beckhough! Like ‘rough’ or ‘tough’.
KB: Right ho. Just say that again, Beckhough?
HB: Hough.
KB: Hough, Beckhough, there we go.
HB: In Yorkshire. Hough. As in piece of land.
KB: Oh I see. OK. Born in 1929, is that right? Were you born in 1929?
HB: No. I was born in 1914.
KB: When did you join the party?
HB: 1929.
KB: Fine. And you fought for the Stafford Cripps? Is that right?
HB: I didn’t fight for him, I fought against him.

As Chris Bryant MP put it, she really is a bit dim.

Via Political Scrapbook