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From the Vaults: The Times, September 28, 1918

Trotskyists champion Lenin, a man who took charge of a murderous regime.  Below I copy an extract from a stomach-churning article that was published in The Times in 1918 that leaves no doubt that this was the case.



(From our special correspondent.)

The Hague, Sept. 27.

The Times, September 28, 1918, p.5.

A recent issue of the Berlin Lokalanzeiger contains the following description of the present-day Russian conditions dated from Moscow about the middle of September:-

One breathes with difficulty in Russia. A red wave of blood has spread from Moscow over the whole Empire, poisons the air, and threatens universal suffocation…. But there is no war here. Here there is the cold-blooded striking down of the defenceless persons, added to the horror of nightly executions with the brutality of a Jack Ketch. Here there is no war, but simple slaughter…. [H]ere is only the Extraordinary Commission with its branches and sub-branches in the Provinces, all of which possess the power of life and death over their fellow citizens, and which do not even take the trouble to open judicial proceedings or to swear jurors, but have recourse to executions as they please….

At Petrograd and Moscow the number of persons shot dead during the last few days already amounts to thousands…. They were dragged from their cells by night, and without being given time to prepare themselves for death, were conveyed to Petrovski Park and there shot dead by sailors and Letts….


It is related of some sailors who participated in the executions almost every night that they contracted the execution habit, executions having become necessary to them, just as morphia is to morphia maniacs. They volunteer for the service and cannot sleep unless they have shot some one dead….

Relatives of the hostages know nothing of the day and hour of execution, not even the fait accompli being communicated to them. Thus many wives and mothers, knowing nothing of the death of their husbands and sons, are knocking at all doors hoping to get into communication with them. Wholesale terror has the effect of blows with a bludgeon. Every one trembles and keeps silence. Public opinion is so suppressed and the population so defenceless that Moscow could quite easily be put to the sword without insurrection resulting.

One wonders if members of the modern day Socialist Workers Party (SWP) dream of swimming in the blood of those that murder to take power and of those that they murder when they obtain power. I only have one question: how many will they murder?