The IHRC and the Spirit of Jew Hatred

Next week the self-styled Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) will hold a seminar at the Islamic Centre of England, the representative office of Iran’s Supreme Leader.

The title of the event is “The Spirit of Islamic Activism”. The Khomeinists of the IHRC would have done better to call it “The Spirit of Jew Hatred”.

Consider Ibrahim Zakzaky, one of the speakers. He is the head of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. This profile calls his group “an African Hezbollah” and notes:

Many of Zakzaky’s views are eccentric and deliberately inflammatory and in some cases are more extreme than those normally voiced by Sunni extremists. He believes that Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden do not exist and terrorist attacks in the West are the work of Western intelligence services and he claims that Tony Blair was responsible for the 7/7 bomb attacks in London. During last year’s Eid al-Maulud, he alleged that Nigeria’s secular leaders engaged in ritual sacrifices of unborn children ripped from their mothers’ wombs, before asking his followers: “If the Prophet were to arrive in our midst today would he commend or fight these people?” The IMN has also been implicated in the decapitation of Christians for allegedly offending Islam. Despite Zakzaky’s plea for Muslim unity, Sunnis have been targeted during the IMN’s highly confrontational demonstrations, despite his public claims that he advocates Sunni-Shi’a unity.

It’s the Jews above all who vex poor old Mr Zakzaky. This is from the movement’s website:

In the same spirit, the leader of the Islamic Movement added that , today is another day of expressing our solidarity with Palestinians who are being kiiled in Gaza by the outcast Jews. The jews, the lowest of creatures on earth

He added that it is common knowledge to all that Jews will not heed to call as their illegal state was created base on terrorism and killings. The only language they understand is killings as they don’t want to die.

Most unfortunate thing is the recognition of Israel as a country, which Nigeria is among those countries that recognizes it, let them know that recognizing the children of monkeys of pigs is not in our names, Sheikh Zakzaky elaborated.

Or try this one:

And how are we sure that the September 11 was not also the work of CIA and FBI? They dodge the question each time you ask them. They said that before the September 11 a lot of terrorists removed their money from the banks and sold their stocks, but they didn’t give us the list of those terrorists. We know that they’re the people who did it, they were living within America and they withdraw their money from banks, and they sold their stocks. And we also know that nobody denies the fact that in the World Trade Center, it is known that about 5000 Jews worked in the center. On that faithful Tuesday 11th September, not a single Jew was there. Was it by accident? Not a single Jew was killed or have you heard them mention any Jew being a victim of the September 11 tragedy. Not a single Jew died!

Another speaker at the IHRC event will be Ahmet Faruk Ünsal. He is a trustee of IHH, the Turkish charity that serves Hamas, and a former MP of Erdogan’s AK Party. He’s a VIP for Hamas, as you will see here in a press release promoting a meeting between IHH leaders and Ismail Haniyeh.

Unsal has been denied entry to the US.

What about the UK? Incredibly, earlier this year the head of the IHRC, Massoud Shadjareh, was invited to testify before a Parliamentary committee on how to tackle extremism.

Though Cameron’s government has promised a harder line on extremists.

We shall see if it is applied in the case of two guests at the IHRC’s latest hatefest.

Lucy Lips adds:

Astonishingly, the National Association of Muslim Police Officers still links to the IHRC website, and encourages people to report criminal offences to the IHRC.