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Galloway or Miah for Mayor of Tower Hamlets?

In theory, Andy Newman is supposed now to be a loyal member of the Labour Party, having rejoined it from RESPECT in the last few months.  However, here he is, posting press releases for George Galloway’s RESPECT, like the faithful old retainer he is.

Here is his exciting news:

“The Respect Party has been reviewing its decision not to stand in the Tower Hamlets mayoral election following Lutfur Rahman’s extraordinary deselection. There is a consensus in Respect that Respect will stand a candidate if Lutfur Rahman is unsuccessful in his legal action to overturn the decision to deselect him and if he does not then stand as an independent candidate. Two candidates will be considered for selection in these circumstances – George Galloway and Abjol Miah. Final decisions on a candidate will be reached in the next 36 hours and we have booked an appointment with the Returning Officer to submit papers for Respect’s candidate on Friday morning, just a few hours before nominations close.”

Well well, this is all very interesting. The fact that RESPECT refused to run against Lutfur Rahman, but now is determined to run either George or the “IFE Activist“, Abjol Miah, is yet another piece of evidence that Rahman was the candidate of the IFE. The IFE is linked to Jamaat-e-Islami a South Asian clerical fascist party,  which hopes to impose an Islamic State in South Asia, and whose members committed horrific war crimes and massacres during Bangladesh’s War of Liberation.

Ted Jeory wonders how George will meet the criteria for standing in the borough:

“Does anyone know where George actually lives? Is it in the borough? Last time I looked at his Companies House files, he had signed off his address at his former marital home in Streatham. He moved out of a place in Cheshire Street three years or so ago and moved – I thought temporarily – to a flat in Hackney.

Would he rely on Respect’s office in Club Row, Bethnal Green as a business address to meet the qualifying criteria? Indeed, is that office still functioning and does GG actually work there?”

He also notes a comment by IFE/RESPECT activist (and supporter of gender segregation) Bodrul Islam, who wants Rahman to stand as an independent and promises:

With his popularity he will win, as the block bengali vote will be activated like never before.

Yeah. It was the “block bengali vote” that got Lutfur Rahman into trouble in the first place.

Still, nice to see that RESPECT is hoping to win this election by polarising Tower Hamlets along sectarian lines.


Andy clarifies his relationship with RESPECT:

“This article is reportage of the fact. Obvioulsy I will support whoever emerges to be the Labour candidate. I hope that the Labour candidate is Lutfur Rahman.

BUt I will report Respect’s campaign if they bdecide to stand”

Mere “reportage of the fact”?

Well, in that case, congratulations for being the first to be given these “facts” by RESPECT.