Hamas’ Sick Shalit Video

It goes without saying that, along with the murder of four Jews (one of who was pregnant), the challenge to Fatah’s right to negotiate for peace, and the declaration that Hamas will continue to struggle until Palestine “from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean” is “liberated”, this video is a provocation designed to hit at the current talks.

Posted by Hamas to Youtube on Monday, the video was immediately condemned by Shalit’s family:

“The Schalit family is troubled that instead of worrying about the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel, some of which could have been at home long ago, Hamas leaders have chosen to continue holding Gilad, our son, captive as a hostage for their political aspirations, an act which is an ongoing war crime according to international law.” The statement continued, “In addition, Hamas leaders in Gaza and Damascus are not hesitant to add, and even take a new approach, to the psychological warfare of the lowest level against the Schalit family, instead of respecting international law and conventions.”

You will be slightly relieved to hear that the video is likely a mock up, a montage from other released videos of the captive Israeli.

However, as you watch it, remember that this is the politics that Hamas’ cheerleaders support and endorse.