My youngest daughter, Sasha (6), has type I diabetes. That’s the version of the condition that means you have to inject yourself with insulin multiple times a day in order to stabilise your blood glucose levels. In Sasha’s case, that’s at least 4 times a day, on top of at least 4 finger pricks to test her blood glucose levels.

Diabetes is a lifelong condition with no cure. Yet. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is working hard to remedy this situation, and it’s in aid of JDRF that I will prise myself away from the TV on Sunday, September 12th (I’ll record ‘Little House on the Prairie’) to walk 5kms with Sasha, her older sister and my wife around Regent’s Park in the London ‘Walk to Cure Diabetes’. These fundraising walks take place all over the world and I – we – would love your support.


Any donation, however large or small, is most gratefully received. Sasha says ‘thank you’.

And so do I.