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Max Blumenthal Revives Soviet Antisemitism

This is a cross post by Ben Cohen of Z Word

One of the most vicious anti-Zionist propagandists subsidized by the late, unlamented Soviet Union was a man named Trofim Kichko. The author of an antisemitic tract called “Judaism Without Embellishments,” Kichko would doubtless have approved of this photograph which the irredeemably blockheaded Max Blumenthal has posted on his Facebook page:

Max Blumenthal

Kichko wrote:

Speculation in matzah, pigs, thievery, deception, debauchery-these are the real characteristics of many synagogue leaders. Shrewd operators convert the synagogues from religion into their own personal feeding-grounds; they make free with the contributions of the believers, and become wealthy from them…Foreign Judaists, together with Zionists, are attempting in every possible way to activate nationalistic propaganda among the believers in our country…

And so on. You get the idea. Reactionary Zionism is merely one more manifestation of reactionary Judaism.

Now Blumenthal comes along to again remind us of the nefarious Judaic essence of Zionism, planting himself in the same camp as Israel Shamir, Gilad Atzmon and other whackjobs who spend their lives recycling these Stalinist slanders.

Adam Holland observes:

Who exactly is Blumenthal targeting with this Jew-face minstrel show? The image would be right at home on Stormfront, wouldn’t it?…This isn’t Blumenthal’s first flirtation with hate-speech. As I wrote here, Blumenthal gave several interviews earlier this year in which he called U.S. politicians who support Israel “quislings”, thus equating them with the puppet leaders installed by the Nazis in the countries they occupied.

Here’s a recent video of Blumenthal getting a taste of his own medicine. What a shame, for Blumenthal, that there’s no longer a Soviet Union to underwrite vulgar, Jew-baiting pamphleteers like him; I’m sure the budget would have stretched to a KGB guard for such a distinguished comrade.