Religion Takes Over at the New Statesman

In case you thought that the New Statesman only had the hots for Islamism, think again.

Last week, the magazine published a surreal article advocating closer links, at a governmental level, between Britain and the Holy See. The author, Carla Powell, regards a closer relationship as a “win-win for everyone, you might think – for Britain, the Catholic Church, the government and parliament”.

Of course! What Britain really needs is to strengthen its political links with an organisation that campaigns against gay equality and contraception.

Lady Powell can’t understand what the problem is:

And yet, on recent visits to London, I have been shocked by the negative criticism of the Pope and the Catholic Church. Why are so many of the capital’s liberal elite upset?

It hurts me that those advocating the arrest of His Holiness are increasingly in danger of sounding like the Chinese government, which seeks to use its brute economic influence to silence the Dalai Lama whenever he travels abroad. So much for British freedom of speech.

His “Holiness”? The Chinese Government?

The article ends with the following advertisement:

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I think I’ll take a pass.