Galloway,  Iran

Galloway’s softballs for Ahmadinejad

Last week I wrote:

We eagerly await the broadcast of [Geroge] Galloway’s Press TV interview with President Ahmadinejad, in which he relentlessly interrogates the Iranian leader about the brutal and bloody suppression of the Green Movement, the rape and torture and murder of political opponents, the closure of opposition newspapers and websites, the persecution of homosexuals, the executions for “adultery,” the imprisonment of trade unionists, etc., until he is dragged away by the Revolutionary Guard, still shouting questions.

The interview has been broadcast. Turns out I was wrong, as you can see for yourself:

Well, Galloway did ask gingerly about the well-publicized case of the woman sentenced to death by stoning for “adultery,” but only in the context of an issue raised by “the enemies of Iran.” Ahmadinejad said the matter would be “resolved,” which was good enough for George. Clearly he’s a man who knows who, ultimately, is responsible for issuing his paychecks.

I’ll leave it to others to enumerate all of Ahmadinejad’s lies.

Hat tip to Potkin Azarmehr, who writes that Galloway tried “to endear himself to Ahamdinejad by referring to the ‘attack’ he suffered in the House of Commons! The ‘attack’ he refers to of course is when we asked him how he could go on about the brutality of the UK police when he worked for Saddam and now Ahmadinejad.”

Update: Potkin also notes that Galloway respectfully called Ahmadinejad “your excellency,” a term he apparently reserves for such excellent people as the Iranian president and the psychopathic killer/torturer Uday Hussein.