A debate with the indecent left

Over the last few days I have been having an interesting discussion on Andrew Coates’s blog, Tendance Coatesy, following his review of Christopher Hitchens’ memoirs, Hitch 22, a book that I have read and enjoyed. As is often the case in these discussions, it comes down to the rights and wrongs of the war in Iraq.

The point I have been trying to get across is this: there are some sections of the left who have not supported, nor will not ever support, a military intervention by the USA in any circumstances. It does not matter how evil a dictator is who takes power, nor what he does does to his own people or even a neighbouring country, these leftists are so opposed to the USA they could never bring themselves to support US intervention.

In some cases, certain leftists will go so far as to deny genocide  if accepting it would make it difficult to justify their opposition to U.S. intervention. That is if they simply do not support the genocidal murderer in the first place.  This can be seen on the thread in question where Andrew Coates has stated “the word ‘gencoide’ is not accurate” in relation to what occurred in Bosnia.

Despite my political disagreements with Andrew Coates, and with others who have commented on that thread, I would like to thank Andrew for hosting this debate that I believe has remained civil. I am not allowing comments to this thread as if anyone wishes to comment they can do so on the thread at Tendance Coatesy.