“I’ll see y’all at the polls”

Someone who introduces himself as “Basil”  stood as a Republican candidate in the primaries for Governor of Tennessee.

In one of his campaign videos, he spoke about gun control:

He wants to do away with the idea of gun licenses and would simply permit everyone in the state to have a gun, even the “nut cases” and “criminals.” So keen is he on the idea of everyone having a gun that he might consider fining those who do not have a gun $10.

He elaborated:

“If you kill someone, though, you get murdered. You go to jail.”

In addition, we must  not forget that “We all pray to God and say Amen and everyone have a nice day.”

In his official campaign ad he explained that he wanted to “do my issues. And make yous all more freer than you was yesterday.”

He gets very upset if the flag does not “fly right.” A Wonkette operative explained what happened at one debate:

[T]hey tried to open with the Pledge of Allegiance, but Basil refused to say it to the flag that was on stage because it had gold fringe …. They delayed the debate while they tried to find another flag, but in the end, he just left the room during the Pledge. Then he came back in and everyone had to repeat the Pledge to a picture of the American flag on someone’s CELL PHONE in the corner of the room….

[Basil] covered a pretty wide array of topics from slavery at traffic stops to kicking all the non-Christians out of the government to legalizing marijuana. Another highlight would be when the discussion turned to immigration and Basil said that if he were governor, he’d round up everyone who looked Mexican and ship them back across the border. Then if they had a green card, they could come back…. He literally fell asleep at the podium between questions also.

If you have a problem understanding anything that Basil says, never fear because on his website, he provides “Things of important.” They include:

Education ,let us put phonics back in school if you can not read you can not do History, Math, English. And that where we are now. Let make it mandatory in high school to read the minutes to the U.S. Congress , the Congressional Globe the real history of the U.S

It is a shame that he left out spelling and grammar. It is possibly this omission that led to him receiving only 0.5% of the votes cast  yesterday.

Time reports that anything was possible in this particular election. The candidate with 22% of the votes believes that Islam might not be a religion and the candidate with 29.2% of the votes suggested Tennessee could consider secession.

Isn’t democracy great?