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Vanguard Spurned

Remember Counterfire?

It was the pre-existing political project into which Lindsay German and John Rees parachuted after they fell out with the SWP at the beginning of the year. It was going to open itself up to the ‘movements’ and use new technology to revolutionise the Trotskyesque left. It was going to be, like, totally massive.

Six months on and how has the new outfit benefitted from Rees and German’s years of leadership experience? One way to guess is by measuring the debate their blog has generated.

Oh dear! It looks like the level of online communication amongst the comrades not only started laughably low but has made not a jot of progress since. The assorted Trot scribblers have been posting multiple articles every day for over a year and practically begging for comments underneath each one – to no avail. They may as well have been shouting and waving their arms around in an empty room for all the reaction they’ve received so far.

Is that what the comrades stormed out of the SWP for? To be ignored and unloved, blogging into an uncaring political universe? What happened to ‘If we build it they will come?’

Go and visit the poor dears. They’ll be grateful to have their comments-box cherry popped, even if it is with a hairy brute from Harry’s Place.