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Griffin “a gutless coward”

Peter Tatchell bumped into Nick Griffin on the steps of 4 Millbank, home to BBC and Sky News.

Unfortunately the BBC doesn’t allow embedding, but the video clip is here.

Tatchell says:

“As soon as he saw me he had a look of horror on his face. I asked Griffin: ‘Isn’t it about time you apologised to the British people for your party’s long history of anti-Semitism, homophobia and attacks on the Muslim community?

“Griffin looked sheepish. He seemed stumped for an answer. I asked him again. Then he just ran off. What a coward.

“Griffin’s minders shoved me down the stairs. It’s proof that the BNP doesn’t believe in free speech or in the public asking their leader awkward questions. It shows the kind of autocratic society the BNP would impose if they ever won power. For many years, the BNP has preached a totalitarian ideology of anti-Jewish, anti-black, anti-gay and anti-Muslim hatred. The party has a long and strident hatred of non-white immigrants and asylum seekers. It’s racist views are an affront to democratic values.

“Behind Nick Griffin’s silky words and smiles lurk his party’s neo-fascist roots. The BNP is a threat to human rights and social solidarity.”