Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch

More than two dozen people have been killed and hundreds injured in a staggered attack by two suicide bombers – men dressed as women, according to reports – in Iran. The tactic, which is becoming increasingly common for such attacks, was for the first bomber to detonate outside a mosque and the second to wait until crowds gathered to tend to the dead and wounded.

The New York Times tells us:

The Sunni Muslim militant group Jundallah claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement on its Web site, saying that two of its “faithful and brave sons” had blown themselves up amid a group of Revolutionary Guards who had gathered at a religious meeting hall for a commemoration of their organization.

While religious and ethnic minorities in Iran certainly have serious and legitimate grievances, this is not the way to express them. Suicide bombing must be unreservedly condemned with no ifs or buts wherever it occurs and no matter what the motivation or pretext.

Many who condemn Iran’s theocratic regime for it’s brutal treatment of religious dissent might reflexively support (or “understand”) this action, but they should be reminded that the group claiming responsibility for this attrocity most likely will want to install a religious theocracy of its own.

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