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Woodcraft folk – Yes to the colour Green, No to Israel

This is a Guest Post by Shlomo Yosef

For all you boycott watchers out there the Morning Star tells us that the Woodcraft folk have at their annual conference decided to boycott Israel. The Woodcraft folk for all of you who don’t know are:

“A unique progressive educational movement for children and young people – both girls and boys – designed to develop self-confidence and activity in society, with the aim of building a world based on equality, peace, social justice and co-operation”

“Under sixes are known as ‘Woodchips’
Six to nine year olds are known as ‘Elfins’
Ten to twelve year olds are ‘Pioneers’
Thirteen to fifteen year olds are ‘Venturers”

According to the Morning Star this group at their annual conference passed an emergency motion to boycott Israel which was proposed by their international secretary.

Any childrens group that has emergency motions and an international secretary seems a little deranged – but never fear the Morning Star is quick to tell us that the Elfin delegate (that for all of you who don’t speak Woodcraft is 6-9 year old category) made sure that Green would stay the signature colour of the movement as “green is the colour of growth and nature – we should keep it.”

All joking aside – having the Morning Star reporting on the annual conference of a kid’s camp is a new low.