OneVoice Palestine Celebrates Young Activists

This is a Cross Post from the OneVoice Movement

Nablus, June 22, 2010—OneVoice Palestine (OVP) threw a graduation celebration in Nablus for 27 young activists who completed OVP’s basic training program on Monday.

Graduation Party4
Students celebrate OVP’s new basic training program graduates

Around 100 OVP activists participated in the event connecting old leaders with the new graduates. The program provides its students with the skills needed to promote the OneVoice movement. Celebrating the youth leaders is integral to OneVoice’s success because OVP encourages its graduates to stay active in the movement, mobilize their communities and continue to serve as ambassadors for peace and the two-state solution.

“Graduation is something really important because it allows us to show our appreciation for their hard work and to continue to motivate them to be active in their community” said OVP Executive Director Samer Makhlouf.

Promoting a ‘keep connected’ approach with their youth leaders, OVP’s program aims to create young political leaders capable of leading their local communities after graduation. Makhlouf stressed the importance of graduation saying it’s “a starting point, not an ending point” for the youth leaders and he hopes they will remain inspired with their work.

Students receive training in subjects such as the historical and political background of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, leadership, outreach, communication skills, and how to build and work within a team.

The graduating students also appreciate the efforts OneVoice puts into the training program. Youth Leader Mohammad Asideh spoke on behalf of the graduates acknowledging OVP’s hard work and thanking them for investing in the Palestinian youth.

Completion of the program invites youth leaders to address the fundamental questions of OneVoice’s Imagine 2018 campaign: what will it look like, what does it take and what is your role? With this new team of emerging leaders now knowing what their role is, OneVoice can continue to spread its positive influence of change and moderation throughout the region.