Another ISOC President Convicted of Terrorism Offences

A couple of months ago, Faisal Hanjra – the President of the Federation of Islamic Student Societies – wrote an article for the Guardian in which he claimed:

“The same Muslims that run Isocs and those that they invite to campuses are the most vehement opponents of terrorism, publicly stating – with street credibility – that terrorism has no foundations in Islamic thought.”

This could not be further from the truth. Although not all ISOCs are controlled by supporters of Islamist and often jihadist ideologies, a good number of them most certainly are.

That is why so many Presidents of ISOCs at British Universities have got themselves into trouble.  Abdulmutallab, President of UCL’s ISOC who incinerated his undies. Kafeel Ahmed, President of Queen’s University Belfast’s ISOC who tried to blow up Tiger Tiger and who also set fire to himself, fatally, in Glasgow Airport. Yassin Nassari, President of the University of Westminster ISOC, with the Hamas style missile blueprints.

We can now add to the list, Waheed Zaman, who along with Ibrahim Savant, Arafat Khan have now been found guilty of Conspiracy to Murder. Three others have already been convicted.

Zaman was President of the London Metropolitan University ISOC. Here is his “martyrdom” video:

Here is the video produced by Savant:

Here is Arafat Khan:

And here, for old time’s sake, is Azzam Tamimi’s article in which he confidently proclaimed: “I bet you it will turn out to be a hoax

Is anybody buying this crap any more?