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Blogger Bewildered

‘Democracy Village’ is a sort of peace camp in Parliament Square. It’s not going to be there for much longer because the Greater London Authority have started legal proceedings to evict the squatters who make up the village, some of whom have been living on the green space directly opposite parliament since 2001.

Sunny Hundal of Liberal Conspiracy unfurls the flag of freedom in support of the crusties:

The liberty to protest and hold a demonstration should be non-negotiable because it is fundamental to democracy. You make idiotic arguments like ‘the tourists don’t like it‘, and the next thing you know corporations and politicians will ban protests that affect them too.

A clear enough statement in support of protestors right to do exactly what they please without interference from other people who disagree with them right?

But how did the issue of Democracy Village enter Sunny’s mind in the first place?

A few weeks ago I went by Parliament Square at night. This time I stopped and parked my motorbike, came back into the Village and uprooted this sign on the side in support of 9/11 Truthers. I nearly managed to carry the banner off the field and chuck it in the bin but I ran into the Villagers.

Yikes! So, Sunny is admitting he first encountered the subjects of his newly minted libertarian crusade in an attempt to interfere with their right to make a particular political point. Taking other people’s property without lawful authority because you don’t agree with the slogans painted on it can hardly be anything else.

Truly there can be few bloggers more haplessly and regularly defeated by basic logic.