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New plan for an ‘Aryan Britain’: Employ a ‘multi-racialist blighter’ and ‘wheel the Jews out’

This is a cross-post by Edmund Standing

The fallout from the BNP’s major electoral defeat continues…

Over at the ‘British National Politics’ website of Eddy Butler’s ‘reformist’ splinter group, the dissenters are reporting that Nick Griffin’s neo-Nazi connections remain strong:

The campaign to re-elect Nick Griffin as Chairman of the British National Party is taking shape. It is relying on smear stories that are first raised by outright Nazis on the most extreme, obscene and disreputable blogs and chat forums on the internet. These people are fed information by Nick Griffin MEP’s team, a series of lies are concocted, and a story ‘magically appears’.


Nick Griffin MEP and his inner team are in direct communication with people on the most disreputable Nazi fringe. These Nazis are an integral part of Nick Griffin MEP’s leadership campaign.

All this comes as no great surprise.

The pro-Griffin Nazis on forums such as Vanguard News Network are currently particularly upset with this article on the reform group’s site which states:

Amateur and pathetic ways need to cease… Example the “Whites only membership policy” what a waste of time… Taking something as petty and pathetic and drawing it out many times in court… Black, browns, whatever… I don’t see colour. Colour isn’t an issue, what is an issue is the preservation of the nation.

The VNN discussion of this article is largely a back-and-forth between a couple of Nazi BNP members, who disagree on strategy. One, a supporter of the reformists, proposes covering up the BNP’s racism in order to win votes (an extension of what Griffin and co have been trying to do for some time), while a Griffinite disapproves, believing that there are limits to how far the BNP should appear to have changed in order to gain power. After all, ‘we are here to save our race’, he rants.

The BNP’s ‘moderation’ and shift away from neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism in recent years is a sham, and undoubtedly this ‘reform’ approach is just a more radical extension of that same subterfuge. The VNN reform group supporter argues:

To get a white nation within the existing laws and no doubt those still to come will/is nigh on impossible.It is time to set about getting some political power and then setting about (Re)creating a white Aryan Britain for the British.

You may very well want to usher your enemies into the ovens however if the Bnp is to destroy or at least negate the likes of Ukip it will have to jettison social racism in the political arena.

Protecting and promoting the cause of the indigenous population is not prevented by having a multi racialist leader with a coolie wife.Indeed the cause will be enhanced and strengthened by having such a blighter as leader … I am surprised the Bnp do not wheel the jews out more make em earn their corn.

And this is a supporter of the BNP’s ‘reform‘ group. Says it all really.