Human Rights

Moral Multiculturalism in action

This is a cross-post from MoreMediaNonsense

In Bolivia the lower house has just voted to allow “indigenous communities” (ie the majority Amerindians) to adminster their own justice.

The Bolivian lower house of Congress has approved a law giving indigenous communities the right to administer their own justice systems.

The government says the measure, which now goes to the Senate, will allow indigenous groups to settle disputes according to their own cultural values.

But opposition parties have warned that it could lead to mob rule.

Last month four policemen were lynched by an Andean clan in the name of indigenous justice.

Their bodies were handed over to relatives at the weekend.

“according to their own cultural values”  – there you go, bye bye to those oppressive Western values, far too imperialistic. No doubt its all part of “Bolivarism” and “21st Century Socialism” so the idiot Left will be jumping to a defence.

Nearer to home no doubt such multcultural valueism on law and order would also be welcome by some in the Falls and the Shankill, in fact some of them were trying a bit of it last week. I didn’t hear many misguided Leftists supporting the UVF on that one, though of course if it was Hamas or Hezbollah it might well be “understandable”.

What a lovely place the intellectual failures of the last 50 years have brought us to…