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Mass executions in Iran

While Brazil and Turkey cosy up to Iran, Iran gets round to murdering its own citizens.

On Sunday June 6 2010, reliable human rights organization RAHANA (EN | FA) reported that 26 people in Gezelhasar prison in Karaj, who had been charged with “drug-related offenses,” had been moved to solitary confinement in preparation for their imminent execution. The the lawyer of one of them has provided several names: Mohammad Jafari, Bagher Amini, Mohammad Azarfam, Mohammad Moradi, Nader Azarnoush and Mr. Soltanabadai. On the morning of June 7 2010, 13 of these 26 were executed.

Furthermore, there has been a recent, renewed urgency around the imminent executions of several known political prisoners: Zeinab Jalalian, Habibollah Latifi, Shirko Moarefi, Rostam Arkiya, Hossein Khezry, Anwar Rostami, Mohammad Amin Abdollahi, Ghader Mohammed-Zadeh, Mostafa Salimi, Hassan Taley, Iraj Mohammadi, Rashid AkhKandy, Mohammad Amin Agushy, Ahmad Pouladkhany, Seyed Samy Hosseini, Seyed Jamal Mohammadi, Aziz Mohammad-Zadeh, Habibollah Golpary. In addition, there are 5 others accused of affiliation with MKO and thereby sentenced to death; we have also had news of a Canadian citizen who has been detained by the Islamic regime and sentenced to death).

The international community should not remain silent in the face of these ongoing mass executions of people whose lives are being used by this regime as political tools to spread terror among the Iranian people.

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