Weekend Weirdo World

From the Guardian ‘Weekend’ supplement letters page:

I will leave it to others to decide if Christopher Hitchens is himself “stupid, cowardly, naive”, but he is certainly “too lazy to have bothered updating his political facilities” since the invasion of Iraq, and is now as discredited as his fellow moral giants Rumsfeld and Cheney. Also, if he and his fellow saloon-bar bores represent the pinnacle of western intellectual achievement, I’m inclined to think that a caliphate might be a refreshing change.

So let’s pick that apart a little. Someone else can decide if Hitchens is “stupid, cowardly, naive” (but the implication is that he is.) Anyway he is just as responsible for the invasion of Iraq and toppling of that nice Saddam as the American government. And what’s more if Hitchens and Donald Rumsfeld are at the top of the pile of western intellectuals (did anybody actually say they were?) then quite frankly I’d rather lose my Starbucks, Waitrose and Two cars in the garage and go back to a political-religious system which was declared dead and buried by even most Muslim countries at a summit in Cairo in 1926.

What a freak.