From the Vaults: Sussex Front, January 1983

Tony Greenstein is proud of his anti-Zionist credentials. He also claims to be a socialist and claims to be an anti-racist.

Sussex Front was a publication produced by the far-right and racist National Front. In 1983, Sussex Front reviewed one of Greenstein’s publications. I copy an extract from that review below.

Book Review

Philip Drax

Sussex Front, January 1983, p.9.

….Tony Greenstein is … the author of one of the most intriguing book [sic] I have read in a long time, “Zionism, Anti-semitism’s Twin in Jewish Garb”. (Duplicated, 70 Pages, presumably obtainable from Brighton Labour Briefing price 30p)….

Greenstein’s excellent and painstaking researches… make not only fascinating but vital reading for the student of modern history.

One can argue with Greenstein’s conclusions but not with the valuable data his researches have unearthed. We have crossed swords with Mr. Greenstein in the past and will undoubtably [sic] do so in the future…. but … personal courage [has been] shown by Greenstein in assembling and publishing his thesis, a seminal work, as important in its own way as was Harwood’s “Did Six Million Really Die”.

Doubtless Greenstein will be as savagely mauled by the mad dogs of Zionism for his authorship of this booklet, as if it was written by Richard Harwood himself…. but his booklet is good. Read it and see! A paltry subscription to the Labour Party’s local funds is a small price to pay!

Being positively compared to the Holocaust Denying Richard Harwood, whose real name was Richard Verrall, was high praise indeed from the National Front. This is not least due to the fact that Verrall was a leading light in that organisation. But this was not all, Greenstein has publicly admitted, he “once had a conversation with one of the leaders of the NF, Stephen Brady.”

One wonders what the exact relationship has been between the Tony Greenstein and the National Front. I think we should be told. But it is possibly best not to ask him, he might turn violent.

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