What is the Point of Sunny Hundal?

Sunny Hundal, the Labour Tory Lib Dem Labour supporting blogger has written his oddest piece for some time.

It takes the form of an attack on the human rights activist, Gita Saghal. He ends with the following observation:

When you’re desperately trying to pretend the Catholic Church has done nothing wrong then you know something’s gone awfully wrong.

I really have no idea what Hundal is talking about. Perhaps he is referring to the following paragraph:

But it is the bland justification that Amnesty works with everybody including the Catholic Church which has seemed distinctly unwise. I expect that the Church might object to being put in the same category as supporters of Salafi Jihadi politics. In any case, Amnesty should have spoken out against the complicity, cover up and abuse of children by those exercising religious authority.

I think we can fairly say that reading and comprehension are not Sunny’s strong suits.

Neither is Sunny a particularly perceptive political commentator. Just over a year ago, Sunny was warring with Faisal/Sid, his fellow Pickled Politics blogger. Faisal had correctly identified Islamic Forum Europe big cheese, Azad Ali, as a supporter of violent jihad.

Sunny was having none of it. When Azad Ali sued the Daily Mail over its allegation that Azad Ali supported attacks on British troops, Sunny was gleeful:

Last week a Muslim civil servant, Azad Ali, was suspended from work because an article in the Daily Mail said he suggested killing British troops in Iraq was justified, on his blog. Sid covered it here. Now, I don’t have sympathy for his views but the Daily Mail were clearly bullshitting. Now they’ve withdrawn the article. Let’s see what happens next…

In the comments, Sunny opined:

I’m with Jamie. I call bullshit on this story. It would never stand up in court.

Shortly thereafter, Sunny sacked Faisal from his blog. That was a pity. Faisal’s judgement on the Azad Ali case was spot on, while Sunny couldn’t have been more wrong. Azad Ali lost his libel action:

A civil servant at the Treasury yesterday lost his attempt to sue the Mail on Sunday and Daily Mail over articles suggesting he had been suspended and was being investigated over comments he made on a blog.

Azad Ali tried to sue over articles which appeared in the two newspapers in January last year under the headlines “Muslim civil servant suspended over ‘kill British’ blog”, and “Civil servant ‘backed fanatic’s call to kill our troops in Iraq’.”

Justice Eady yesterday gave the newspapers’ publisher, Associated Newspapers, his summary judgment in which he said Ali’s case was bound to fail and had about it “an absence of reality”.

I ask, in all seriousness: what is the point of Sunny Hundal? A few years ago, he was an outspoken anti sectarian campaigner, who eschewed simplistic identity politics. Fast forward to 2009, and he’s writing articles advising “brown people“, as a bloc, to vote Tory; drumming his former co-authors out of his blog; and attacking South Asian feminist human rights activists.

It is a real pity.


This is one of Sunny Hundal’s “flash mobs”.