Poxy at the Troxy: Muhammad Hassan

Egyptian preacher Muhammad Hassan is another speaker scheduled to appear at the Islamist conference at the Troxy in East London on June 20. He will speak by video link.

Hassan is a perfect fit with the band of extremists assembled by the organisers.

Have a look at him raving about “martyrdom”.

Open (military) camps for voluntary services for the youth of the ummah. And by the Lord of the Ka’bah, with these camps you will be able to flip all of the scales. You will be astonished by what you see. So let the scholars of the ummah call for the youth of our ummah to join these organised (military) camps.

The one whose blood will be shed is the other (i.e. our enemy). I’m merely saying open camps for voluntary service to train them.

Waves of youth would come from Europe, from America, from the Muslim lands, to join these organised (military) camps. Organised! And at that point America will see, the European Union will see, the whole world will see themselves before a new balance of power. If they now fear a group in the land of Palestine [Hamas], in Gaza, and it is a very small group, they shall see millions from the youth of the ummah who now want to offer their souls for the cause of Allah, the majestic and exalted, and to offer their blood for the sake of giving victory to the religion of Allah, the majestic and exalted.

He (the prophet Mohammed) has left behind the pure and the innocent, whose hearts are burning now because of their longing for martyrdom in Allah’s cause.

Israel is in the frame because Muslims are engaged in a cosmic struggle with Jews. Here he is in another broadcast:

We want to teach our children the truth about the Jews. We want them to know that the [Jews] will never make peace or agree to it. The Jews will never accept any international resolution, from East or West, because they understand nothing but force.

I remember what the great terrorist Menahem Begin said: We fight, therefore we exist. These are real terrorists. They are extremists. They are blood-suckers. They are shedders of blood. Review the history of the Jews from beginning to end, from the very first moment to the last moment, which is now. They specialize in the shedding of blood, in crime, and in killing – even the killing of prophets.

Both of the speeches quoted here were broadcast by Al Rahma TV, an Egyptian satellite channel where Hassan is a regular. The channel’s content is so vile that the French media regulator has decided to ban it for broadcasting “hateful, violent and antisemitic” views which break French law against any program that “incites hatred or violence for reasons of religion or nationality”.

Norway too may ban Al Rahma for its antisemitic messages.

So, will the Troxy really host a video message from Muhammad Hassan, a disgusting racist and a supporter of jihad?

If you would like to ask the venue about that, its contact details are here.