Libel Laws

Dave Osler Has His Say

Finally, Osler is free of the Curse of Kaschke. But at great cost:

As a benefit claimant, she did not have to pay a penny in court fees. Not having to earn a living – although obviously capable of doing so – she was able to devote herself full time to acting as her own lawyer.

As she has no assets, it is unlikely that I will ever recover costs. Moreover, the woman appreciates all this very well, and has many times gloated openly at the apparent ‘no lose’ scenario in which she finds herself. She may be in for a surprise.

There are many aspects of libel law clearly overdue for reform, and it would be a step forward if measures were introduced to prevent anyone else having to suffer the grief and expense I have had to endure for three years.

At the end of the day, Ms Kaschke reveals herself as at the very least a thoroughly disingenuous, devious, and despicable person, who brings immense discredit on any political party on which she may happen temporarily to alight, simply by virtue of her presence.

The Tories are welcome to her.

And here is Dave’s other half at Stroppyblog, who explains how their lives have been blighted by this wicked lunatic:

Before Dave got the pro bono help, he had to do all the legal work himself, building his defence and responding to her e-mails and letters . He had to go to court and represent himself .

This meant that weekends and annual leave were used up, as he was holding down a full time job. This meant that for the last two years we did not have a holiday together as he did not have the time or spare cash. It meant that he could not spend as much time with either me or his children, impacting on them and their mother with whom he shares childcare. Yes Kaschke, you aren’t the only one with children who need your time and love.

Leave was taken to go to court for his own hearings, and to support Alex and John who are also being sued , as was mine when I could . Yep, fun way to spend time off in the Royal Courts of Justice. He faced the prospect of defending himself at what was likely to be a one week jury trial at the Royal Courts of Justice , pretty bloody overwhelming .

Life was , as I say on hold. The stress was at times overwhelming . What if he lost , where would he find the money. Bankruptcy and losing his home was a very real option. Luckily we have a strong relationship, but nevertheless it would strain and test the best of them.

What a pernicious woman! What a disgrace! Congratulations to our very dear comrade for his well deserved win.

(Again, we are closing comments. Until this woman is declared a vexatious litigant, it is impossible to discuss her conduct)


Do read Kaschke’s blog post on recent events. I am no psychologist, but I do wonder if she is not mentally ill.

I always admired and supported the British in their fight against international fascism but what is apparent here is supporting even further distruction of my character. Not fair at all. It is of course easy for Mr Osler and the court to do so, as I am completely without any defence, not allowed any legal help, being a widow and single mother, no boyfriend or other partner. I am the ideal victim to burn on the media stake.

I think if the English, the UK, the British stand up for that, it is a poor reflection of the British character or what it has become.

Needless to say it is of course now very, very distressing having to draw up an application for permission to appeal with all that very depressing reporting from the radical left. I think the British should sweep in front of their own door and not just think that other countries have poor democratic processes, because from what I experience here in the UK there is little hope for any person to achieve any justice because we do not get any help not even in defence of such accusations as quoted above. I have worked very hard all my life, risked my life as a courier in central london and nobody complained about that, that the only job I could find here in the UK was riding a bicycle in the dangerous west end traffic all day to courier parcels around. I had five children to care for and risk my life riding around 12 hours per day on a cycle in a self-employed position, that was OK. No insurance would have insured me as it was classified more dangerous than being soldier. In the end I lost so much weight, and gotten very thin as I had not enough time to eat. I then also got bad problems with my legs and could hardly walk. I cared for a disabled person and then started to work from home on the computer and my business has now been lost. I did start off well here in the UK in 1977 working for the BBC German Service just to mention it and got married after that, but once the children had gotten bigger, I found it very hard to get any cushy jobs. I am absolutely shocked and devastated at Mr Osler’s remarks.

I do think that this is a case for the ECHR because I have not been given any benefit of any doubt and have been caught up in British libel laws and Access to Justice Laws. I do think that the UK courts simply came to the Eady J ruling because Eady J presided over a hearing against Der Spiegel and it would contradict his ruling there if he had now found in my favour on the matter of the Der Spiegel evidence, currently before the ECHR, awaiting a ruling. It is sad that such prejudices hamper a fair hearing. It is practically totally unheard of that a court can find in favour of Defendants on the basis of purely hearsay evidence as Mr Justice Eady has found in the Osler hearing and I shall make that point to the Court of Appeal and to the ECHR if necessary.

Because if Mr Justice finds that Mr Osler could have gotten the Spiegel information from elsewhere he would have to admit that publication in the UK took place and he is therefore prejudicial to his own finding earlier on.

Of course it is against the interest of the media at large that I bring this case and therefore I can expect little else as getting it from all sides of the media here. There is little to say other than the media happiliy trashes defenceless persons for making their own case.



If more proof was needed, read her latest offering:

As a further thought, I want to put into the open public sphere on the situation on the libel proceedings against Mr Osler, Gray, Hilton and Der Spiegel.

It is more than likely that the court allowed the proceedings to go on that long because they used the evidences given for intelligence purposes and gathered the witness statements, correspondences to gain insight into the German scene at the time. That is the reason why the English court did not dismiss the proceedings earlier. I shall make an application so that the court has to disclose how much of my submissions have been passed to the Security Services and or police and in how far I have been psychologically manipulated to make such statements in order to interrogate me via these proceedings.

It is totally disgusting that the court allows the case to go on that long, uses all the submissions and then after 2 years says, yes, but there is no merit and you are the wicked witch. They are covering up the fact that I have been investigated via my own claim for Defamation and the English libel court has acted for the security services and the police. That is unlawful and against my Human Rights.

This post is, of course, a very serious defamation. We repeat it here merely to show the state of this woman’s mind.

The money spent on allowing Kaschke to litigate should have been spent on medical care.