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BNP troubles continue to grow as party splits in two

This is a cross post from Maurice Cousins of  There is Nothing British about the BNP

Simon Bennett and Eddy Butler have set up a new web-site calling on the BNP leader to stand down and for an urgent internal debate within the party.

The new Obama-style web-site, which is attempting to hijack and talk directly to the 25 000 BNP supporters currently on Facebook, calls on BNP members and supporters “to discuss the future of nationalism.” Adding:

“It is intended to be an open platform for honest open debate and the door is open to all nationalists.

The current structure and constitution of the British National Party does not allow open debate, criticism or opinions other than those of its leader / dictator. Nationalism as it stands is in disarray and for progress to me made we have to face up to the obvious fact that change and reform are a necessity for the uphill battle we face.”

Bennett himself has openly called for a “new leader” and said that criticisms about Griffin are “usually” stated “facts”. He also takes a swipe at the revolting Green Arrow blog – saying Paul Morris likes to “intimidate and bully women”.

Answering calls about why he has distanced himself from the Griffin leadership Bennett allegedly told one party supporter:

“The only traitor round here is griffin you f**king mug, just shut up and keep giving him your money you fool.”

But Bennett’s dissent has clearly rattled a number of BNP officials and supporters, includingDebra Kent (see below), a BNP school governor and former PPC. Sean Allan, the BNP’s 15 year-old supporter has also voiced his concerns on Facebook.

Debra Kent responding to the concerns of a BNP supporter

When the rumours first started about Griffin’s leadership I thought he might ride them out. But this concerted on-line campaign may create enough dissent that will make it almost impossible for him to survive. Matthew Goodwin, an expert in the far-right politics from Manchester University, believes the BNP looks set to “implode”. He adds:

“Griffin may hang on but, if he does, it will only be because there is no easy way to oust him and no obvious successor. He had plans to expand his reach. Now he is fighting to survive.”

Screen grab taken from Sean Allan’s Facebook page

Maurice Cousins