UK Politics

On the other hand…

There are those in Labour who are not living in fantasy land. Blunkett.

Speaking on the Today Programme this morning, he said: “We would have to put together virtually all those who were elected in opposition, many of whom had less votes and less support than they had in 2005.

“So this is a very difficult moment for us, we can provide if you want to use the term, a progressive coalition in opposing the measure in both the Queen’s speech…and in any projected emergency budget inside and outside the House of Commons.

“We can have campaigns in the real world of political activity out here where people live and not lose the support of people who do want politicians to hear what they say to us and if we continue not listening then we will lose very badly at any subsequent general election.

“And that would be even worse than a situation where we have a temporary minority government in which we check what they do whilst acting responsibly in the interests of the nation.”

and John Reid:

“I think this is a bad decision, the wrong thing for the country and the Labour party,” said Mr Reid, a long-time opponent of Mr Brown. “If this is the new politics then I don’t think people are going to be very attracted to it.”

“It would be mutually assured destruction,” he said, adding: “If we appear to be snubbing the electorate … I think we will rue the day.”