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The Utter Failure of the British National Party

The national election saw the collapse of the BNP’s electoral hopes.

For those of you following Kirklees Unity’s Twitter feed, the news looks just as good:

Barking & Dagenham It’s all over, the BNP have been wiped off the council. Barking & Dagenham is BNP free!!

Barking & Dagenham BNP Hooligan Bob Bailey kicked off the council !!

The BNP are suffing a meltdown, they are being wiped of the political map today, losing handfuls of their councillors!!

BNP fail to gain ground in Wigan

Nothing for the BNP in Tameside

No BNP gains in Oldham

Nothing for the BNP in Manchester

Chris Beverley ( BNP) loses his seat on Leeds City Council, being pushed down into third.

The BBC says that they’ve lost 22 seats so far.

Heads will roll among the BNP leadership. Quite possibly in a literal sense.