UK Politics

Notable losses, gains, abject failures, and survivors

The losses

Lembit Opik. Defeated by large right wing swing. Sad and disappointed.

Evan Harris. Worshiped by the science and secular community, he was defeated by a faith peddling Conservative. Conservative MP Nadine Dorries says “Do my eyes and ears deceive me? Has Dr Death really lost his seat ?”
Charles Clarke
Jacqui Smith
Shahid Malik
Martin “Tentacles” Linton – gone.


Simon Danczuk. Winning Rochdale for Labour despite bigotgate.

Luciana Berger. “Overwhelmingly crushed the Liberal Democrats”.

Mike Gapes

John Cruddas.

Glenda Jackson – the former QE I hangs on in there by 45 votes!
John Denham. Just.

Tom Harris – the best blogging MP – retains Glasgow South, with an increased majority.

Abject failures

Nick Griffin. “Pack your bags and go ” Margaret Hodge. The who helped packed Griffin’s bags is Nick Lowles: We did it!.

Nick Lowles is the Man of the Election.

Nick Lowles

UPDATENothing British says:

“Ironically, the BNP did better in seats where they didn’t focus their resources so heavily, and they could more easily escape the media spotlight. The BNP did far better in Dagenham than Barking, and both Stoke-on-Trent North and South than Central”

i.e. if people actually met BNPers, they were turned off by them. Unsurprising.

Phillipa Stroud. Apparently involved with churches which attempted to ‘cure’ gay people by praying to drive out their ‘demons’. Gone.

Joanne Cash. A bit mad.

Ezter Rantzen. Anti-politics stance. Lost deposit.


Ed Balls. Received a close shave.

Khalid Mahmood. Increased majority.

Gisela Stuart. An amazing retention of a seat.
John Mann. Good for him.

Sadiq Khan. Yes, he Khan. Good for him!


Galloway Loses BIG!

Salma Yaqoob defeated.

What about Abjol Miah? Looking as if Ali will retake and Fitzpatrick will retain.

UPDATE – Miah humiliated in BG&B. Third place. Labour wins!

Muslim Brotherhood/SNP

Poor Osama Saeed. A huge Labour win.