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Sameh Habeeb: Far Left Meets Far Right

Sameh Habeeb runs a website called the Palestine Telegraph, whose patrons include George Galloway, and which disseminates stories and videos which are sourced from neo Nazis such as former KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke. Significantly, he believes that any support for Israel can be explained by asking the question “who controls the media”.

When the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) was caught out by the anti-fascist campaign, Nothing British, having invited Nick Griffin’s ally Krisztina Morvai to speak at a conference, Habeeb threatened them with legal action.

Mr Habeeb is the bridge between the far Left and the far Right.

I have no doubt that some of his friends on the extreme Left are slightly embarrassed to be found in the company of a man who has a certain attraction to European and US neo Nazis. Certainly, genocidal racism directed at Jews is acceptable in some “progressive” quarters, at least when it is expressed by Islamists. However, perhaps, chumming up to white fascists might be a step too far for them. The resignation of Baroness Tonge from the Palestine Telegraph shows that this is no idle fear.

Perhaps that explains why Sameh Habeeb has now published a semi-literate screed, justifying his conduct.

Our policy is freedom of expression for all and every viewpoint irrespective of race, ethnicity or religion. Articles and the viewpoints expressed therein are those of the writers and not those of the paper. Despite this, Harry’s place is trying to make it as if the views expressed are those of my own and the paper. To properly quote the interview that Harry’s Place recently published and used as evidence of my so-called anti-semitism:

The interviewer asked Mr Habeeb: “Do you believe mainstream media organizations have a hidden agenda?”
Sameh Habeeb: “They are certainly pro-Israeli. I think you have to ask yourself who controls the media.

Despite claims made by Harry’s Place, Leeds University denied publishing the university magazine in which I said the above. There are some media outlets controlled by pro-Israeli individuals. This statement does not imply that ALL media outlets are or that one is anti-Jewish for stating the fact. Anti-semitism is being anti-Jewish and not anti-Israel policies. Shouldn’t the media be informative, critical and offer differing viewpoints and not the place for personal attacks against personalities?

This is pitiful stuff. Apparently, Habeeb publishes neo Nazis because he believes in freedom of expression, not because he shares their views? And when he asked “who controls the media”, he was not rehearsing “Jewish Power” conspiracism?

Lies. All lies. Just as Habeeb blustered and threatened in response to the PRC’s invitation to a neo Nazi MEP, he is merrily throwing chaff around in response to the latest scandal he has managed to create. Speaking to the Jewish Chronicle, Habeeb now says:

“What I meant to say was some of the key figures, editors or big reporters are really manipulating things and adopting the Israeli narrative. It was not against the Jews. Jews have nothing to do with this.”

Really? Is that why Habeeb published an article by the lunatic, Peter Eyre, in which he claimed that Rupert Murdoch was a secret Jew? That’s a canard that is a favourite of US neo Nazi websites, too.

There are still those who are prepared to host Habeeb and to appear on platforms with him. There are those who are content to patronise and write for the Palestine Telegraph. It is possible that Habeeb’s supporters are themselves racists. I do not know.

The best you can say of them is that they are relaxed about associating with a man who is evidently determined to bring neo Nazis out of the cold and into the political mainstream. Let’s see how many of them are content to assist Habeeb with his mission.