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BNP’s internet operation closed down

This is a cross-post from Nothing British

Further to yesterday’s cyber civil war between Simon Bennett and Nick Griffin, the BNP’s former web-master has now closed down the party’s entire Facebook and Twitter operation – leaving the party without an effective communications weapon on Election day.

Bennett has also closed down the party’s website, leaving Griffin to replace his professionally designed website with just a single page and message.

This is seriously bad news for the BNP.

One of the most successful parts of the BNP operation was its internet activity. Facebook, Twitter and the BNP website allowed the party to bypass the mainstream print and broadcast media and to spread their vicious rumours and lies as they pleased.

Today’s BNP supporter activity on Facebook is almost at a complete standstill and the bloggers are unusually quiet.

As Vote no to BNP points out:

“For those BNP members and supporters who don’t want to believe the story that has been emerging since yesterday of this serious fall out between Simon Bennett and the BNP this is yet more clear evidence that there is a serious issue that could some serious damage to the party right after the election.”

Hell hath no fury like a BNP web-master scorned.