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Victory for Nothing British as BNP sack PPC

Cross-posted from Nothing British:

Nick Griffin has confirmed on today’s BBC Jeremy Vine show he would sack Colin Marsh, BNP PPC for Weaver Vale, if he is found to have posted vile neo-Nazi and unpatriotic images on his Facebook site.

The move follows the exposure by Nothing British in yesterday’s The Sun.

Marsh’s Facebook page – which has subsequently disappeared – appeared to flaunt Nazi SS insignia and symbols of violent far-right yobs including Combat 18 and Blood and Honour.

You can download our full briefing here.

The following is a transcript from the BBC:

Jeremy: It was revealed that Colin Marsh, the BNP candidate for Weaver Vale, has flaunted SS insignia and symbols of the neo-Nazi group Combat 18 on his Facebook page, which I’ve got in front of me printed out. Are you happy to share a party with this fella?

Nick Griffin: No, and if that’s confirmed he’ll be sacked.

J: Well here it is (passes sheet to Griffin), have a look, have a look. This is the stuff. There we are….the SS and all these weird symbols.

N: Where’s he from, this chap?

J: Weaver Vale, Cheshire.

N: Weaver Vale, Cheshire.

J: He’s going to be thrown out is he?

N: Then….if that’s genuine and he’s put those on then he’s going to be thrown out because those organisations are proscribed to members of the British National Party…

Candidates such as Colin Marsh show British voters how there is nothing patriotic or British about voting for the BNP.

Maurice Cousins


Edmund Standing adds:

Marsh is far from the only one. BNP Lewisham borough Mayoral candidate (and aide to Richard Barnbrook, the BNP’s London Assembly member) Tess Culnane has spoken at meetings of the openly neo-Nazi, Blood & Honour supporting British People’s Party (amongst the symbols found on Marsh’s Facebook page is a BPP badge). While in exile from the BNP, Culnane wrote a letter to the BPP in 2005 complaining about Griffin’s proscription of the organisation:

Dear Nationalist Week,

Just received No 77 which as usual it hits the spot!

I am somewhat puzzled as to how, by any stretch of the imagination, the leadership of the BNP can possibly proscribe another White nationalist party – could we not convince the BNP leadership to use their obvious immense power to perhaps proscribe New Labour, Lib-Dem and the Conservatives, thus leaving us a clear path to victory.

If this is not possible perhaps they could be convinced to join one of the major parties and destroy it from the inside?

Regards Tess Culnane

Culnane has since been welcomed back to the BNP fold, but there is no evidence to suggest she has repudiated her support for the BPP. Perhaps Griffin should be looking at how suitable Culnane is as a BNP candidate?

For more on the BNP’s relationship with Blood & Honour, see the Centre for Social Cohesion/Nothing British report Blood & Honour: Britain’s Far-Right Militants.