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The Cageprisoners “Community”

On May 8 Cageprisoners will hold a meeting in Kentish Town, London, to promote a new report. The language used to advertise the event is characteristically inflammatory:

The Horn of Africa Inquisition is the latest report by Cageprisoners to highlight the way in which the War on Terror has impacted profiled communities. Based on the testimonies of those who have been affected, the report seeks to provide an overview of the way in which the War on Terror has criminalised those from or even associated with the Horn of Africa.

“Criminalised”? “Those”? The security services are interested in a small number of people on the fringes of jihad who may cross the line, if they have not done so already. Somalia is particularly worrying because it is a good place to learn the jihad trade. There is no assault on any “community”.

What about Cageprisoners’ “community”? Confirmed guests at the event are typical.

One of the 25 people who have RSVPd so far is Muhammad Shiakh Yusuf. He likes RevolutionMuslim, the extremists who threatened the producers of South Park; thinks that Shia Muslims are satanic; and is keen on Khalid Yasin, an extremist, a 9/11 troofer and a fraudster.

Abduljaleel Bain doesn’t think much of American soldiers. As for the mujahideen of al Qaeda, oh here’s a song for the heroes.

Mohamed Nur is a fan of Babar Ahmad, an al Qaeda propagandist and supplier (pdf) facing extradition from the UK to the United States, and Muhammad al Hassan, a horrible jihadi preacher.

Jhakkar Hussain likes al al Qaeda preacher Anwar al Awlaki. As for South Park, it should be “taken out”.

Abshir Ahmed is another Awlaki fun. He also likes former KKK “grand wizard” David Duke. The Duke video he posted is the antisemitic tirade promoted last month by the Palestine Telegraph.

Abshir Mohamed goes in for Israelis-are-Nazis abuse. For him, Osama bin Laden is inspirational.

This is the hateful world of Moazzam Begg and Cageprisoners. Any criticism of the security services coming from this quarter is difficult to take seriously, to say the least. The aim is to enrage, to divide, and to disrupt the work of people who are trying to keep us all safe. This is about Islamist politics, not human rights.

Consider the hyperbole alone. The title of the report (pdf) is “The Horn of Africa Inquisition”. Yes, that inquisition:

In the case of the UK we can prevent what is becoming Britain’s own inquisition by undermining the very conditions the Spanish Inquisition thrived in: a situation where society is divided by racial profiling and the majority remain silent if not part take of the treatment of the minority because of a false consciousness that that treatment is forever confined to a part of our society that is separate from ourselves.

Here is Moazzam Begg in the foreword. He appears to be rather ill-acquainted with British history:

Worse still, the latest community feeling the brunt of the most draconian legislation in the history of Britain are the Somalis – most of whom have fled severe hard-ship to seek sanctuary in the UK.

What else does one find in the report? At its heart, case studies of three of the guests at the upcoming meeting – Mohamed Nur, who likes Babar Ahmad and jihadi preaching; Abshir Mohamed, the bin Laden fan; and Abshir Ahmed, who is keen on David Duke and Anwar al Awlaki. Naturally their appalling views are not discussed in the report.

Oh well, it’s good to know the security services are keeping a close eye on such nasty extremists. For that at least Cageprisoners should be thanked.