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Who killed Blair Peach?

The answer to that question is A POLICE OFFICER.

It is simply disgusting not just that the Blair Peach was killed at the hands of a police officer but also that this information has not been made available previously. Sections of the left have long argued that Blair Peach’s death was a symptom of a “racist and imperialist government.”  They were wrong on this point in 1979 and they are wrong now. But having said that, those that read the vomit regularly spewed out of revolutionary socialist newspapers will be able to say, “I told you so,” on the important point as to who killed Mr. Peach.  None of this excuses the police actions.

Below I copy an extract from an editorial that appeared in the Guardian:

Southall’s tragedy of errors

Guardian, April 25, 1979, p.12.

Sir David McNee, the Metropolitan Commissioner, was right to set up an immediate inquiry into how Blair Peach died. But he must go further than that, and inquire minutely into the allegations that have been made against police officers and make those findings public as well, together with the disciplinary action that he has taken. Whatever the provocation, however much sympathy is due to the police, there can be no justification at all for the alleged actions that some of them took against the protesters.

Why has it taken thirty one years for the truth to come out?