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Racial Volunteer Force links to Soldiers off the Street

This is a cross post by Nothing British about the BNP:

RVF logo

The Racial Volunteer Force, the violent neo-Nazi group which splintered from Combat-18, has exchanged internet links with Soldiers off the Street, the BNP-linked homeless veterans organisation.

The RVF is a rabidly racist organisation that regularly promotes hatred of non-whites and Jews. In the past its magazine has featured anti-Jewish articles with headlines such as “Roast A Rabbi”. Another edition featured bomb-making instructions and praise of the Soho bomber David Copeland, who was jailed for life for murder after attacks targeting the gay community and ethnic minorities in London.

In 2005 five members of the RVF were sentenced for a total of fifteen years for race hate crimes. In his judgement, Judge Jeremy Roberts told the court that the RVF was formed in 2003 to “encourage readers to resort to violence against people with non-white backgrounds.”

RVF has also targeted personalities such as Vanessa Redgrave and Anna Ford, and had forced Frank Bruno’s mother to move after printing her address.

On the RVF’s “Links” page SOTS is listed (see screen grab below) as being a site of interest to fellow neo-Nazi “comrades” and it sits alongside a long list of race hate merchants including Combat 18, Jew Watch and Blood and Honour Serbia.

RVF SOTS link 270410

SOTS’s link is on the last line of a long list of extremist organisations

Bill Murray, director of SOTS, has always claimed he has “no connection” to the far-right. However, as we have previously written, he is yet to come clean on what the exact nature of his relationship is with number of groups including the Defence Leagues and the BNP.

Three weeks ago Nothing British obtained a print out of a leaked email that was sent in August 2009 allegedly by Murray. The email was send to over 200 BNP regional addresses asking for help and support in promoting SOTS.

His Facebook account (see below) shows he remains “friends” with a number of high profile BNP officials including Simon Darby, the party’s deputy-chairman.

Simon Darby Bill Murray cropped

Screen grab taken from Simon Darby’s Facebook page (April 12th 2010)

Murray is also a Facebook group “member” of Bedfordshire BNP.

Bill Murray Bedford BNP cropped

Screen grab taken from Bedford BNP group (April 13th 2010)

In America the threat from violent far-right groups trying to recruit disgruntled veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq is being taken so seriously that the Department for Homeland Security released a report on the issue.

Perhaps Mr Murray may know how to get in touch with RVF and get them to take his link down from their site?

Maurice Cousins

For more information regarding Blood and Honour and the RVF please see our joint report with the Centre for Social Cohesion here