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A New Red Line

It may seem extraordinary that George Galloway has been listed as a patron of the Palestine Telegraph just after it published a video of former KKK grand wizard David Duke.

Galloway does line up with some very curious characters. But Duke fans too?

Jews do beat Muslims in Duke’s hierarchy of hate. One of the reasons why, he explained in 2005, is that Jews are good for Muslim immigration to America. You see, Muslims too are alien, not “our people”, and they are (yikes) “behind our lines”. Muslims, welcome to the cabal. Didn’t you know that you too are part of the Zionist conspiracy?

Please understand, the Jewish supremacists are doing more to destroy our bloodline, the very existence of our people, than the Muslims ever could. The Muslims are primarily outside our gates; the Jews are ensconced in the highest seats of power behind our gates. Those Muslims who are now behind our lines are there because of the Jewish led immigration changes to America and Europe.

Closer to home, have a look at who else is standing up for the hate publisher Sameh Habeeb – Lee John Barnes of the BNP.

Duke, Barnes and champion of “Muslim” causes Galloway – yes, it is not perplexing. Wallowing in extremist politics is exactly what Galloway does. Backing the Palestine Telegraph is in character.

To know the swamp, let’s recap the words of some other extremists, all of them published by the Palestine Telegraph, limiting coverage to Mr Duke’s fellow Americans alone.

Stephen Lendman is the man who wrote the Haiti blood libel piece which got Jenny Tonge in trouble in February.

Its medical teams apparently are doing it in Haiti, exploiting fresh corpses and the living. The Manar TV cited You Tube said “there are people operating in Haiti who do not have a conscience and are members of the search and rescue teams, including the Israeli occupation forces,” far from home harvesting Haitian organs, and the pickings are plentiful.

Apparently, the publicity about providing humanitarian aid is cover for this illicit operation, another crime against humanity among Israel’s growing list

Here’s Alan Sabrosky on Zionism. It’s worse than Nazism:

Zionism undermines civic loyalty among its adherents in other countries in a way that other nationalist movements (and even ultra-nationalist movements like Nazism) did not — e.g. a large majority of American Jews, including those who are not openly dual citizens, espouse a form of political bigamy called “dual loyalty” (to Israel and the US) that is every bit as dishonest as marital bigamy, attempts to finesse the precedence they give to Israel over the US…

For James Petras, even progressive Jews aren’t good enough:

Because of these fundamental considerations, we cannot oblige our Jewish ‘progressive’ colleagues and compatriots and refrain from confronting the Zionist Lobby with force and urgency. Too many of our freedoms are at stake; too little time is left before they succeed in securing a greater military escalation; too little of our sovereignty remains in the face of the concerted effort by the Lobby and its Middle Eastern ‘expert-ideologues’ to push and shove us into a new and more devastating war with Iran at the behest of Israel’s pursuit of Middle East dominance.

No other country, abuser or not, of human rights, with or without electoral systems, has the influence over our domestic and foreign policy as does the state of Israel. No other Lobby has the kind of financial power and organizational reach as the Jewish Lobby in eroding our domestic political freedoms or our war-making powers. For those reasons alone, it stands to reason, that we American have a necessity to put our fight against Israel and its Lobby at the very top of our political agenda.

Here’s Aaron Russo, an absurd troofer recommended by the Palestine Telegraph, revealing all about the Rockefellers, the New World Order and 9/11:

Alison Weir of goes for the Jenny Tonge “clear your name” line:

If Israel is innocent of organ plundering accusations, or if its culpability is considerably less than Bostrom and others suggest, it should welcome honest investigations that would clear it of wrongdoing. Instead, the government and its advocates are working to suppress all debate and crush those whose questions and conclusions they find threatening.

Just as in the case of the rampage against Jenin, the attack on the USS liberty, the massacre of Gaza, the crushing of Rachel Corrie, the torture of American citizens, and a multitude of other examples, Israel is using its considerable, worldwide resources to interfere with the investigative process.

It is difficult to conclude that it has nothing to hide.

The Palestine Telegraph is just the milieu for Galloway. He forms alliances with, promotes and defends haters because they are useful to his base politics. Yet some “progressives” still support the man.

Poplar and Limehouse voters have the final say on May 6.

His backing of fans of David Duke should be a marker for voters. If a retired KKK grand wizard is not a red line, what is?