From the Vaults: BBC, September 18, 1981

This may be topical:

For those who prefer to read things as opposed to watch them, the video shows extracts of the famous speech by David Steel, the then  leader of the Liberal Party, at the Liberal Assembly held in Llandudno in September 1981. I copy below the section of the video from 0:46 to 1:20, the conclusion:

This has been the dream that has sustained the Liberal Party for so many long, weary years. And now, at last, we have the reality in our grasp. We must have the nerve and courage not to let it slip.

Mr President, I have the good fortune to be the first Liberal leader for over a half a century who is able to say to you at the end of our annual assembly:  go back to your constituencies, and prepare for government.

According to The Times (September 19, 1981), the standing ovation at the end of this speech lasted over four minutes.