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Griffin’s parents: Our son destroyed us

This is a cross-post from Nothing British About the BNP.

Interviewed by Dominic Carman, LibDem candidate for Barking, Nick Griffin’s parents explain how their son financially destroyed them.

Nick Griffin borrowed very heavily on several properties in the early 1990s, especially on a large country house in France. Edgar Griffin, the BNP leader’s father, guaranteed the borrowing – at Nick Griffin’s request. Edgar Griffin explains that they had to sell their own substantial country house in Suffolk, ‘quite a lot of shares’ and a flat left to Griffin’s mother in order to meet the high interest payments and negative equity.

‘We came out of it very badly’ explains Edgar Griffin. ‘My father had left me a rich man….I was very, very comfortably off.’ Everything went to pay Nick’s debts.

Despite the enormous financial sacrifices made by his parents, Nick Griffin was still declared bankrupt – ‘because of a fine imposed upon Nick’ as explained by Edgar.

This video is potentially very damaging. Griffin wants his party to govern the finances of Barking and Dagenham council, but how can you trust a man with a budget of almost £200 million who almost ruined his parents through his own profligacy.

Maurice Cousins