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Rollo Miles: Plonker

Earlier this month the Palestine Solidarity Campaign organised a political meeting in West London. Local prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) were invited.

Conservative PPC Shaun Bailey decided not to take part, according to a local blogger. Bailey’s office said he had:

“ interest in attending ‘debates’ organised by biased organisations whose very existence is to promote one view”.

“Shaun believes that because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict involves two sides, it is not fair to call this event a ‘debate’ without having both sides present. Shaun appreciates the invitation however he will not be changing his decision.”

Good for Mr Bailey. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign are a bunch of fanatical Israel haters. They promote division, not debate. Other candidates should follow Bailey’s lead.

By skipping the meeting, he was also spared this performance by the Green candidate for Hammersmith, Rollo Miles. Out came the Israelis-are-Nazis rhetoric, inside a church no less:

The way the Palestinians are being treated by the Israelis, you know, some say that they live in ghettos, and I’d like to be a bit more radical and say in some ways Israelis are running some of the biggest concentration camps in the world. Palestinians in Gaza cannot get food, cannot get medical attention, cannot get building materials.

The word “terrorism” is mentioned a lot, and I will say the old cliché that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. History in sixty years might be very different to history now. If we look at the Second World War, at the French resistance, they are now heroes but at the time they were terrorists.

Mr Miles is fond of this kind of stupidity. From his blog:

People refer to Hamas as a terrorist organization, but let’s remember they were duly elected by the people of Gaza and therefore one could argue that they are a legitimate government. The World will not recognize this, because since the September 11th attacks the favorite word for certain countries is “Terrorist” – anyone who does nor agree with the ruling parties is a terrorist and anything can be done to terrorists. Let me just remind everyone that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Were the French citizens fighting the Nazis terrorists? Are the Monks in Burma terrorists? What is a terrorist?

While we are talking about History, Israel was allowed to be created because the world felt a collective shame and guilt for what had happened to the Jews during the Second World War. No-one really wants to talk about this subject how they were killed and exterminated across Europe with many countries turning a blind eye to what the Nazis where doing. It could be argued that the victims have turned into the killers and the world should stand up to these Israelis and really point out to them that they have now turned into what they despise the most – Concentration Camp Commanders.

When I think of Gaza, the Warsaw Ghetto often springs to mind, the suffering of the Jews at the hand of the Nazis, please read bellow: ??

( The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Many Jews in ghettos across eastern Europe tried to organize resistance against the Germans and to arm themselves with smuggled and homemade weapons. The most famous attempt by Jews to resist the Germans in armed fighting occurred in the Warsaw ghetto.)

Does this account remind you of what is happening in Gaza today, Israel you must remember your past and stop history from repeating itself?

Oh well, perhaps one should expect nothing less than idiotic malice from such a plonker. Here is a clip from one of his campaign messages. It wasn’t up on Youtube for long, but some naughty person did have time to grab it. Miles is probably the most painfully inept candidate for Parliament I have ever seen. Did you know global warming causes earthquakes? And what’s with the balloon?