Latin America

Bolivarian democracy on parade

Juan Cristobal at Caracas Chronicles posts the above photo of El Caudillo Chavez on parade and writes:

That was Caracas yesterday. What is your immediate reaction?

a) Fear

b) Laughter

c) Sadness

d) The final realization that compromise, negotiation or, perhaps, even coexistence with chavismo is now virtually impossible.

Keep in mind the people with the guns are not soldiers, they are members of the “Bolivarian Militia,” a paramilitary, unconstitutional body created for the sole purpose of defending the Revolution.

What’s especially disturbing is that I can think of at least one person (I’m sure there are many more) for whom displays like this cause pure joy.

Update: The occasion was the eighth anniversary of the suppression of the coup against Chavez. Compare the presence of the red-shirted “civilians” with that of the paid militia.

(Via The Devil’s Excrement)