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Simon Darby’s new Facebook friends: Love Your Race

This is a cross-post from Nothing British About the BNP

Simon Darby’s cropped Facebook profile

Back in February BNP deputy-chairman Simon Darby wrote that he was deactivating his Facebook account because he was terrified of being caught doing something he shouldn’t. He wrote:

“You can expect the usual sabotage tactics from the far left which will be fed and eagerly snapped-up by gullible or hostile journalists. My advice to any other candidate or official is to do the same just to be on the safe side.”

Sensible advice.

But on 9th April Darby had reactivated his account saying he was:

“… cranking up the social networking aspect of my campaign. Any tips or instructions on how to maximise this utility will be gratefully received via the comments section.”

Not joining racial hygiene supporting Facebook groups would be a start.

Darby’s friends include the usual BNP cyber activists: Clive Jefferson, Pete Molloy and Chris Beverley. Also listed as a friend is Bill Murray, director of Soldiers off the Street. Previously Murray has claimed that his astro-turf veterans organisation is in no way linked the BNP.

His open profile wall lists him being a member of only one group: ΑΓΑΠΑ ΤΗΝ ΦΥΛΗ ΣΟΥ (Greek for “Love your race”).

Cropped screen of Simon Darby’s Facebook “group” membership of “Love Your Race”

LYR, which was set up by George Edwards Cooper, doesn’t have many members, but there are a healthy number of hardcore neo-Nazis and BNP members including John Clarke, Croydon BNP fund holder and PPC for Sutton and Cheam.

As you would expect, the group is a revolting white power, anti-mixed race relationships page. It hosts a number of pro-racial hygiene photo’s (see below) and films with slogans such as “Marry a person of your race.”

Photo taken from Facebook. A caption beneath says: “Choose the right father / mother for your children. Marry a person of your race.”

This might only be a Facebook group, but it says a lot about an individual if their only virtual group membership is of one which promotes racial hygiene ideology.

Not all members of the BNP are racist, many are disillusioned voters duped into believing Griffin offers them a real alternative. It is important, therefore, to inform both BNP members and potential Stoke Central voters that Darby’s on-line activities are bad news for people like Mick Barnbrook, Dagenham PPC, who claims that his grandchildren are mixed raced. Anybody who thinks the BNP has changed after its membership amendments is deluded.

Darby has previously been quick to dismiss any attempts to label him as a racist as “childish insinuations”. But his cyber neo-Nazism shows there is nothing infantile at all but entirely grown up.

Maurice Cousins